Campaign for reinstatement of Belarusian union activist Mikalaj Valadzko at Redpath Deilmann. Circumstances.

This is a short video explaining situation of Belarusian miners working for a German company Redpath Deilmann.

Many languages, one class "Exploited people of the world, let's unite!" in many languages from SI Cobas workers of different nationalities - On May Day

13 Demands! Polish Workers Including From Amazon Speak Out Polish with English. subs. | 5 min | 2020 | hits: 155 13 demands concerning the Corona crisis by workers organized in the base union...

May Day 2020 UK Report From Reel News by Shawn Day

Shawn Day from the Reel News Collective reports on the working class  struggles in the UK on May Day 2020. For more information:

UK Nurses block Westminster Bridge demanding proper PPE

Nurses at Guy's and St. Thomas's hospitals in London block Westminster Bridge on International Workers Memorial Day, in anger at the advice being given...

SAC video from May Day 2020
April 30- May 1 strike by SI CObas workers in Italy

April 30- May 1 strike by SI CObas workers in Italy

Strike for life and health vs profits, for 100% wage to furloughed and unemployed, for freedom of workers' assembly and expression against use of...