tarting at 7PM on our Facebook Live Stream show, the Local 100 Fightback Coalition is honored to have Michelle Gonzalez of the New York State Nurses’ Association join us as a guest. Michelle is a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Montefiore Medical Center and also an elected NYSNA union leader who helped organize a number of recent protests over the lack of enough staffing, funding, proper PPE and other serious safety issues in both private and public NYC Hospitals that made local and national news.

Also on tonight’s Facebook Live Stream Event we are also honored to have Conductor/Tower’s Division Chair Raul Lugo joining us. Raul will be here to answer any and all questions about the union leadership’s “response” to the public health crisis we have all been facing. Those of you who know Raul Lugo know that he will tell you exactly what he thinks at all times, so this will definitely be a MUST WATCH event!

As always we will be monitoring the comments on the Live Stream to make sure as many members questions are answered as possible.